Equal Education Partners is extremely proud to receive approval through the Cynnig Cymraeg initiative by the Welsh Language Commissioner, an initiative that recognises the commitment of companies to create a Welsh language development plan.

The Cynnig Cymraeg was established by the Commissioner in 2020 as recognition for organisations that do not come under the Commissioner’s formal Standards to show their commitment to the Welsh language and that they are readiness to use it.

This is an important step in our ongoing commitment to the Welsh language and its daily use here at Equal internally with our staff and within our wider work. By welcoming the Commissioner’s staff to look at our internal processes, we have received external approval to support our strategy which has been at the heart of the company since its establishment in 2011.


Carolyn Treharne, Executive Director of the EEP Group responded to the approval:

‘When the company was started, it was natural to speak our mother tongue among ourselves in the office and also to clients and to our colleagues.

As the business grew, I wanted to hit the same goal when working in new areas across Wales.

The fact that today we work across continents with people from all over the world means that we are able to convey and show a true picture of Wales as a country that is unique in its language and culture; and also celebrating differences and uniting and welcoming people from different countries and cultures.

This approval from the Commissioner confirms the hard work that has gone into creating the positive, Welsh atmosphere that exists within Equal. I would like to extend a big thank you to Rebecca Booker for all her hard work to secure this approval for the company’


We will also be supporting Cynnig Cymraeg Week between 13-17 May – look out for our messages across our social media.