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Working with an Equal Education Partners tutor can enhance student comprehension, elevate their academic performance, alleviate exam stress, and ultimately enhance their career prospects.

Schools use Equal Education Partners to offer students invaluable learning experiences that might otherwise be out of reach. Through forming these partnerships, we can surmount obstacles that frequently hinder students from realising their full potential and pursuing their ambitions.

But our commitment to education doesn’t stop at the classroom door. We also cater to adult learners, recognising that education is a lifelong journey.

The bespoke services we offer adult learners helps them expand their knowledge and skills for personal growth and professional advancement through flexible, goal-driven and active learning sessions.

Our qualified, experienced tutors deliver live online and in-person lessons to enhance the education of children, young people and adult learners across key stages and levels of qualification to improve overall attainment.

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Get in touch to learn more about our range of adult learning and professional development programmes or to discuss working together on new projects. We’d love to hear more about your ambitions and discuss how we can support you and your learners!

Multiply Numeracy Skills Programme

A range of free and accessible adult learning numeracy courses to support adults across South Wales gain confidence with numbers.

Tutoring for Schools and Colleges

Working with your educational institution, we can offer a range of tutoring options to help improve educational attainment.

Professional Learning

Discover our suite of online and in person professional development opportunities, open to our educators.

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