The Educators Wales digital recruitment platform

In 2020, we collaborated with the Education Workforce Council (EWC) and a Wales-based software development company to build the Educators Wales digital recruitment & training platform on behalf of the Welsh Government.

Educators Wales enables employers of education professionals and training providers within the sector across Wales to advertise their roles and opportunities free of charge. The platform also provides guidance and enables professionals to apply for new opportunities in just a few clicks.

To visit the platform, go to

Educators Wales #TogetherWeCanInspire

The mission

Educators Wales is fast becoming the home of the education profession in Wales.

Sponsored by the Welsh Government and built by Equal Education Partners and CREO Interactive for the EWC, Educators Wales delivers a national approach to tackling recruitment challenges in education.

The platform strives to enhance talent attraction, development and retention, by supporting educators at every level, every step of the way.

Core functions
  • Job search & applications for education professionals
  • Advertising & hiring for employers and training providers
  • Professional Learning opportunities
  • Information Advice & Guidance on careers & qualifications
  • Events & news
  • Integration with MyEWC and the Professional Learning Passport (PLP)




The digital recruitment platform

The Educators Wales platform is designed to enable all current and prospective educators in Wales to find the best employment and professional development opportunities.

The intuitive and dynamic design makes it as easy to apply for a job as it is to book a stay via an AirBnB. Individuals can search, filter and save jobs, apply directly to multiple roles and track applications all in a few clicks.

Employer branding

By enabling employers to showcase themselves, the Educators Wales platform brings employer branding to the education and public sectors, creating an opportunity for the best employers to shine.

As well as customisable profiles, all users (individuals, employers and training providers) benefit from their own dashboards, where they can manage their roles, applications, opportunities and collaboration with others.