What is MIT's SEPT initiative?

The Science and Engineering Program for Teachers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) gives 55 innovative and dedicated teachers from around the world the opportunity to attend lectures from top scientists, try out the latest technology developed on campus and network with an outstanding group of passionate educators.

Welsh Government, via Equal Education Partners, is funding 4 STEM educators from across Wales to attend and participate in the programme to develop STEM subject knowledge to support the implementation of the New Curriculum for Wales, and digital competence across all subject areas.


How Equal Education Partners has supported the 2023 SEPT Programme

At Equal, we are delighted to play a part in providing support to the four outstanding delegates, enabling them to attend the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as part of this innovative programme.


As part of this initiative, Equal have facilitated the entire process, including booking flights, assisting with visa arrangements, and securing comfortable accommodation options. By doing so, Equal’s aim is to help empower the delegates and equip them with all the necessary information and provisions needed to make the most of this fantastic opportunity and to bring their experiences back to Wales to enhance STEM education across the nation.


The 2023 SEPT programme Welsh delegation


The four Welsh representatives chosen to participate in the SEPT programme will visit MIT and engage in:

  • Daily lectures from MIT scientists on new frontiers in science and engineering research
  • Hands-on workshops with Lego DNA, computer games and simulations, and technology developed at MIT
  • Tours of labs and demonstrations led by MIT scientists
  • Additional exposure to MIT K-12 initiatives for students and teachers
  • Community-building among the outstanding group of teachers for which SEPT is known


It has always been a goal of SEPT to keep each year’s class size small to ensure that each participant gets the most out of their experience.

SEPT offers a high faculty-student ratio, with a class size between 50-60 and expanding each year.

Learn more about the project here.


Working with Equal

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Meet the 2023 delegates

Explore the diverse backgrounds, expertise, and stories of our exceptional delegates for 2023

Return to Wales

Following their experience at MIT, Equal will be collaborating closely with the four delegates to ensure the widespread dissemination of their learnings. To accomplish this, we have designed a comprehensive plan that includes uploading a reflection report that will be available through Equal and Hwb platforms. This will enable educators from all over Wales to access their valuable insights and integrate them into their teaching practices.


Furthermore, Equal will be organising professional learning (PL) events in each of the educators’ respective schools, allowing them to share their newfound expertise with colleagues, amplifying the impact of their experience. Equal is also committed to organising and facilitating a pan-Wales professional learning webinar, ensuring that the benefits of their learning extend far beyond their immediate school communities.


The webinar will take place at 4pm on the 25th of June, register now to secure your spot and embark on a journey of professional growth and discovery.

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