What is MIT's SEPT initiative?

The Science and Engineering Program for Teachers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology gives innovative and dedicated teachers from around the world the opportunity to attend lectures from top scientists, try out the latest technology developed on campus and network with an outstanding group of passionate educators.
This programme takes place for one week every summer at MIT’s campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, or online, as required.


With a heavy dose of the latest and greatest science and engineering research delivered by MIT researchers and lecturers, SEPT reaches teachers in a unique way through a drink of knowledge from the MIT “firehose.”

An overview of the SEPT initiative

Programme Tracks

Track 1: “Broadening Participation in STEM”

This track supports teachers in their acquisition of skills needed to coach and encourage student populations that have been traditionally underrepresented in STEM fields. Afternoon programming consists of workshops, reflections and discussions focused on increasing and maintaining participation in STEM for women, students with disabilities, ethnic and racial minorities, and other underserved communities.

Track 2: “Epidemics, Evolution, and Economics: Modelling Complex Systems with StarLogo Nova”

This track provides an introduction to StarLogo Nova, a block programming tool developed at MIT that can be used to create games and models of complex systems. Afternoon sessions include introductions and use of existing and in-development tools, simulations, games, technology and tutorials that can be brought into various contents and classrooms.

Track 3: “Use and Design of Games and Simulations”

This track informs teachers in the use and design of games and simulations, of use in classrooms to support both systems learning and computational literacy. Afternoon sessions include introductions and use of existing and in-development tools, simulations, and games, as well as workshops in game design and game programming. Prior knowledge of programming and computer science is NOT required.


What’s on offer?

Choose from one of the three academic tracks available (Broadening Participation, Project-Based Learning & Inquiry, or Design of Games) and take part in the following activities:

  • Daily lectures from MIT scientists on new frontiers in science and engineering research
  • Hands-on workshops with computer games, simulations, and technology developed at MIT
  • Tours of labs and demonstrations led by MIT scientists
  • Additional exposure to MIT K-12 initiatives for students and teachers
  • Community-building among the outstanding group of teachers for which SEPT is known


How to get involved

It has always been a goal of SEPT to keep each year’s class size small to ensure that each participant gets the most out of their experience.

SEPT offers a high faculty-student ratio, with a class size between 50-60 and expanding each year.

To find out how you can get involved through Equal Education Partners’ partnership with the Scheller Teacher Education Program, get in touch with Rebecca Martin, Senior Project Manager for International Parnerships:


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