Built by people, united by passion.

We’re a diverse, forward-thinking team made up of people who are ambitious just like you. It’s why we lead the way for better teacher pay, better training and better learning. It’s also why we’ll continue to push the boundaries to help you succeed.

And it’s about changing students’, teachers’, and tutors’ lives for the better. We strive to do this by connecting excellent teaching professionals with the best opportunities, by delivering high impact tutoring for disadvantaged learners and by forming innovative HE & STEM partnerships globally. 

We’re passionate about education, but don’t just take our word for it, experience it with us.

The right way.

Our vision & mission

  • To connect excellent teaching professionals with the best opportunities.
  • To provide high quality staff through safe and compliant recruitment for schools.
  • To deliver high standards of teaching and learning.
  • To be a supportive partner to all and to serve as an extension to the school office.
  • To provide unrivalled opportunities to learners and inspire them to become engaged citizens.
  • To develop and provide high quality marketing solutions to the education sector.
  • To attract the best talent into the education sector, promoting the benefits of a career within the profession.

Why do we do what we do?

  • To enable education institutions to attract, retain and develop the very best teaching talent.
  • To expand the range of quality opportunities for high quality teaching professionals.
  • To deliver impactful developmental opportunities for professional and personal growth.
  • To provide  transformational opportunities for learners.
  • To make it easier to run successful schools and organisations.

Our values & commitments

We are committed to being:

  • Ambitious on your behalf
  • Supportive of your needs
  • Understanding of your achievements and your goals
  • Fair and ethical in our work
  • Determined to exceed all expectations
  • Knowledge sharers, building a stronger education sector together

What do we provide?

  • Excellent, fully-vetted teaching professionals for daily supply, long-term and permanent positions.
  • Opportunities for teaching professionals to further their careers and achieve their goals.
  • Unrivalled educational experiences for learners.
  • Training opportunities for professional development and personal growth for teaching professionals and learners.
  • An extension of the school office to help schools achieve their goals.
  • Committed, dedicated support to all of our partners.
  • Inclusive and eager to expand our reach and relationships.
  • Bespoke and comprehensive marketing services to grow your education business

Our clients and partners

Find out more about our clients and partners: