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    How we work with employers

    Step 1 Understanding your role

    To attract the best professionals, we’ll ensure that we understand your organisation, your culture and your aims.

    Step 2 Agreeing a winning strategy

    We’ll work with you to agree on a strategy for success to attract, secure and retain high quality professionals.

    Step 3 The Campaign

    We’ll use digital advertising & outreach to build interest and drive applications.

    Step 4 The Search

    If your need is immediate, we’ll put forward suitable, fully-vetted, available staff employed by Equal. If you’re hiring in advance, we’ll offer up high quality, screened candidates ready for interview.

    Step 5 Placement or appointment

    For immediate needs, we’ll ensure a suitable individual is placed when required. For long-term and permanent roles, we’ll support the interviewing process, communicate appointment decisions to candidates, and support you with the vetting and on-boarding process at no extra cost.

    Step 6 Follow up & feedback

    To continue to improve our service, we’ll follow up for feedback and to see how else we can support you.