At Equal Education Partners, we are thrilled to announce a recent collaboration with Scarlets Rugby, bringing together the worlds of education and sports through a series of developmental workshops for their Academy prospects.

This collaboration embodies our belief in the transformative power of education, particularly in helping the academy players to develop as people so that they are prepared for success on and off the field. In the October session, delivered by our Director of Teaching and Learning, Neil Thomas, the workshop focused on the ‘growth mindset’ and how developing an understanding of it can lead to increased performance as both a rugby player and as a person. The session also looked at whether the players have a ‘fixed mindset’ and gave them practical tools to develop in those areas that they might struggle with. 

Neil Thomas, expressed his delight at working with the future rugby talent of Wales, stating, “Collaborating with the Scarlets Rugby Academy has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Being a company that started in the Llanelli area, collaborating with our ‘home’ rugby region is a fantastic experience, helping to ensure that these athletes not only excel in their sport but also possess the mental resilience to navigate life’s challenges. We look forward to continuing our efforts to nurture such remarkable individuals in future collaborations.”

This partnership comes at an exciting time for Equal as a company as we recently announced another partnership with Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council to promote the delivery of the UK Government funded Multiply numeracy programme

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