Since securing funding in the Taith Pathway 2 funding, Equal’s Partnerships team along with colleagues at FE colleges across Wales have been busy organising a visit to the University of Florida to develop a series of resources and workshops around academic writing and research to enhance learner outcomes at FE level.

Under the guidance of Dr. Matthew Jones, a leading expert at the UF’s University Writing Programme and Cardiff University alumnus, the delegates will complete a 5-day mobility visit to the University of Florida which will include a packed schedule of problem-solving discussions, resource development sessions, and workshop planning exercises, providing invaluable insights and skills to the Welsh delegation.


Andrew Bond of Bridgend College, one of the five delegates chosen to take part in the visit had this to say:

This is a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with like-minded colleagues from Wales and internationally in creating and researching ideas for now and the future. We are aspiring to create a legacy that will impact the successful delivery and assimilation of academic writing for our future generations.”


Fellow delegate Julie Richards of Coleg y Cymoedd added,

“Meeting experts in my field will provide insights beyond traditional classrooms. Connecting with people from other colleges will create a collaborative learning environment. I aim to build a network of like-minded individuals and bring back valuable experiences to share with everyone at Coleg y Cymoedd to further enhance learner outcomes.”


What is Taith?

Taith stands as Wales’ leading international learning exchange initiative, fostering transformative opportunities for individuals to engage in learning, studying, and volunteering across the globe.

Taith has funded many other exciting programmes and you can learn more about them on their website.



Long term benefits for Welsh learners

The knowledge and insights acquired during the visit will be brought back to Wales where they will be used across the FE sector to enrich the learning experiences of Welsh learners. 

This exchange of expertise not only elevates the quality of education but also fosters a dynamic and globally informed learning environment within Welsh educational institutions.

Michelle Griffiths, delegate from partner organisation Pembrokeshire College summed this up,

“This project presents an exciting opportunity to further our professional development as practitioners which will in turn have a positive impact on learner experiences and outcomes. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to seek good practice outside of the UK.”


Colleague Susann Barraclough also of Pembrokeshire college added,

“It is pivotal that we equip FE learners with the tools and techniques to continue their educational journey and encourage them to develop and apply skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and personal effectiveness in order to achieve their full potential, this is why I’m thrilled to be part of this project.”


Follow the progress of the delegates on their visit through all Equal social media channels as well as on Taith channels. 

Taith delegates arriving at the University of Florida