About STEMHaus

STEMHaus online summer school aims to prepare learners for study at GCSE and A Level, in addition to providing relevant and cross curricular themed content delivered by STEM professionals.

What does STEMHaus include?

STEM Workshops & Seminars

Our teachers and instructors offer an extensive variety of lessons and workshops across all areas of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM), providing learners with opportunities to focus on their individual areas of development. Learners can create their own timetable specific to their individual interests & needs.

See the STEMHaus Curriculum document for more details.

If you’re taking part in STEMHaus 2023, see the STEMHaus Handbook sent to you by the STEMHaus Programme Manager.

Bespoke Study Techniques Sessions

The teaching and instructing team consists of past examiners with a wealth of experience both in the classroom and from the perspective of marking papers. The bespoke study techniques seminars will focus on strategies to best prepare for examinations and how to approach questions with useful hints and tips.

Small Group Tuition

More than ever, learners are in need of individual or small group support, particularly in key areas such as Science and Mathematics. Our instructors will deliver seminar style sessions that focus on common areas of misconception in each subject stream.

STEMHaus Speaker Series

Our instructors serve as a resource and as role models to widen horizons and enhance aspirations. The speaker series is a series of panel events through which you’ll hear about topics including Women in STEM, Careers in STEM, Sports & STEM, and other important and exciting topics.

Guest Lectures from Industry Leaders

Addressing the common theme across the subject streams of ‘achieving net zero’, there will be a number of guest speakers delivering lectures around current climate issues.

Click here for more information on guest speakers and their discussion topics.

For open events, see our Events page for details. Get involved to hear more when events are added.

Careers Information

The STEM careers workshops and virtual experience immersions with industry leading employers will demonstrate the applicability of STEM learning pursued through the summer school and allow learners to explore future possibilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

STEMHaus starts at 9am BST Monday 8th August 2022 and ends at 5pm BST Friday 12th August 2022.

Places are free to learners in the Seren programme. If you are not part of the Seren Network but would like to be involved please contact us.

You must be a year 9 or year 11 pupil in Wales to participate. Click here to be directed to the online application form.

Up to 250 places in total for learners in Year 9 and Year 11.

Yes, you are still able to apply if you are in year 10. However, sessions will be targeted at the transition between year 9 and GCSE and the transition between year 11 and A Level STEM subjects. Year 9 and Year 11 will also be given priority in admissions to STEMHaus.

Five days from Monday 8th August to Friday 12th August. Sessions will run from 9am-5pm with breaks during the day.

No, you will be able to create an individualised timetable that meets your developmental needs so you can choose sessions from each subject stream.

Guest speakers will be announced soon! Come back for more details in the coming weeks.

Some (but not all!) of the content will be recorded so you will be able to watch some sessions and engage with some resources on demand.

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    Latest News

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    2023 STEMHaus online summer school

    The STEMHaus Online Summer School is supported by Swansea University in conjunction with the Welsh Government’s Seren programme.

    Resources generated through the programme will be used to support schools and colleges across Wales via the Welsh Government’s Hwb digital platform.


    The STEMHaus mission

    The STEMHaus Online Summer School is designed to prepare learners for their next phase of study, be that GCSE or A Level STEM subjects. These transitions are known for being notoriously challenging, even without additional challenges caused by the pandemic.

    Through this partnership initiative, Welsh Government, Swansea University and Equal Education Partners aim to improve achievement in STEM subjects and enhance engagement through exploring real-world issues and empowering learners to achieve their full potential.