In January 2023, we saw the return of the in-person Global Teaching Labs in Wales programme after two years of the programme being delivered online due to the global pandemic.

Craig Williams, Science Raising Standards Leader at Caerleon Comprehensive School, was thrilled with the programme and provided us with a case study about Caerleon Comprehensive Schools’ experience with the GTL in Wales programme. 

“Caerleon Comprehensive School is very thankful to have been a recipient of a GTL instructor for the second time in 2023.

Our instructor, Grace Endy (MIT), delivered exciting and meaningful workshops on energy, climate change and mathematics to our students; she also supported and inspired many of our engineering students on a one-to-one basis.

Grace has an outstanding knowledge of STEM and was able to link the key concepts to fitting real life applications. Having an instructor from the prestigious MIT was captivating for the students; they were particularly fascinated that many of those who have studied at this university in the past have gone on to have amazing careers as (but not limited to) high ranking military personnel, US government officials and NASA astronauts.

Grace was a fantastic and accommodating resource in our departments. We are very grateful for the provided opportunity in placing such an incredible role model in front of our students in order to widen their horizons and enhance their aspirations. Hopefully, a few more engineers have been inspired, and hopefully Grace has shown not only the boys, but also the girls, that they can be engineers too!”


How to get involved in January 2024

For more information on the MISTI Global Teaching Labs in Wales programme, go to or email Rebecca Martin (Senior Associate for International Partnerships) on

Applications for schools and colleges to participate in the Global Teaching Labs in Wales 2024 programme will open in September 2023.