An inspiring discussion with girls at the Children’s International School in Lagos, Nigeria

On Wednesday 3 March 2021, two STEM instructors from Equal Education Partner’s Global Teaching Labs (GTL) in Wales 2021 programme with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) met virtually with a class of Year 10 and 11 girls from the Children’s International School (CIS) in Lagos, Nigeria. This inspiring event enabled constructive conversation about the importance of improving gender equality in STEM and combating the associated stereotypes.

The two instructors from MIT, second-year students Kanoe Evile and Maria Ascanio Alino, shared with the class their own experiences as women in STEM, answered questions that the girls had and offered advice and guidance to progress academically and professionally in the world of STEM. To read more about Kanoe and Maria, go to

“I was overjoyed to see our CIS girls ready to break down the doors of any STEM stereotypes and emotionally prepare themselves for that journey to owning their careers, supported and encouraged by the wonderful Maria and Kanoe.”

Dr Adam England, Principal, Children’s International School (CIS) Lagos Nigeria