It would be an understatement to say that the Partnerships team here at Equal has been busy over the past several weeks!

Supporting 7 summer schools with over 550 participants, the team has successfully collaborated with a number of internal and external stakeholders to deliver expert-led academic opportunities to learners from across Wales. 

Boosting our commitment of delivering transformational educational experiences whilst also supporting the Welsh Government’s flagship Seren programme, we are incredibly proud to be a part of each learner’s academic and personal journey alike. 

Read on to learn more about what learners from across Wales have been up to during each of the four summer schools which have already taken place over the past few weeks!


Seren Cardiff University Medicine Summer School

A lecture theatre of students at the Seren Cardiff University Medicine Summer School


During the Seren Cardiff Medicine Summer School, learners had the opportunity to attend clinical sessions whilst receiving expert tuition from practising medical professionals. Learners were also fortunate to hear from experienced academics from Cardiff University throughout a number of workshops and lectures.

These academic sessions are coupled with the delivery of broader skill-based learning opportunities focusing on effective communication within the doctor-patient relationship. Equal’s strong collaborative role on the Cardiff University Medicine Summer School is characteristic of our commitment to improving educational outcomes across Wales.


Aberystwyth University Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Summer School

A student at the Aberystwyth University Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Summer School


From lectures on Augusto Boal’s ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ to seminars on working class poetry, the Aberystwyth University Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Summer School has provided Seren learners with a range of educational experiences which will boost their university applications whilst supporting their broader academic development.

By encouraging engagement with complex contemporary issues, the summer school enabled the learners to develop their key critical thinking and argumentation skills whilst delivering opportunities to be discussed through the personal statement and university interviews. 


Aberystwyth University School of Veterinary Science Residential Summer School

Students during a demonstration at the Aberystwyth University School of Veterinary Science Residential Summer School


Throughout their time at the Aberystwyth University Residential Summer School, learners were invited to attend sessions on a range of subjects, from seminars on equine anatomy to sessions on animal clinical skills. They were also fortunate enough to have the opportunity to discuss some of the pressing issues currently facing the sector in Wales with Dr Richard Irvine, Chief Veterinary Officer for Wales.

From experiencing practical veterinary care through farm visits to engaging with senior academics on anatomical structures, it is safe to say that the learners thoroughly enjoyed their time getting a taste of life as a veterinary science student in Aberystwyth!


Seren International Online Summer School

Now in its final week, the Seren International Online Summer School is delivering lectures and seminars across a range of subjects whilst simultaneously providing university guidance and application support to learners. Operating across several subject streams, including medicine, law, maths, and humanities, the International Online Summer School also offers learners the opportunity to attend personalised tutorial sessions in order to boost their long-term academic prospects by providing detailed feedback on their work.

From lectures on the relationship between malaria and sickle cell disease to seminars on the Israel-Palestine conflict, learners have been widely engaging with our expert instructors, allowing them to develop the skills which remain crucial throughout the university application process.



Here at Equal, we are determined to provide unrivalled opportunities to learners from across Wales by connecting them with high-quality teaching and learning experiences. Our collaborative role throughout these summer schools exemplifies this commitment to delivering high educational standards whilst boosting learners’ long-term academic prospects.

We look forward to supporting the remaining summer schools over the next several weeks and to continue our drive to deliver impactful educational opportunities for learners across Wales.


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