Tutoring with Equal

We take great pride in maintaining the highest standards of education and support for our students. As such, we hold our tutors to an exceptional level of quality and professionalism.

We carefully select educators who not only possess outstanding academic qualifications and expertise but also demonstrate a deep passion for teaching and a genuine commitment to empowering students.

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Qualities we look for in our tutors

Effective tutoring involves providing accessible and tailored learning methods to improve the skills of students and help them reach the best grades possible. Our tutors should possess the experience and resources to offer personalised guidance, tailored to each student’s learning requirements.

No two pupils are the same, so interpersonal skills and adaptability are key as tutors must employ personalised approaches to cater to individual students. The ability to motivate each pupil to reach their best is vital. Using creative methods and adjusting techniques to match the individual student is a hallmark of a fantastic tutor – exactly the type of people we want as part of the Equal team!


A teacher with a pupil who's painting


Listening to students’ concerns and goals while assessing their strengths and weaknesses is crucial in determining the most effective way to work together.  Recognising and catering to a student’s specific learning needs will create a better learning environment and mean a better outcome for all.

A good tutor possesses essential qualities that contribute to their effectiveness in supporting students’ academic growth and overall development. We are on the look out for dedicated, passionate, and innovative individuals with a degree of empathy and excellent teaching skills.

Does the above sound like you? We’d love to hear from you!


Why choose to tutor for Equal?

Tutoring with Equal comes with many benefits, read our blog to discover the many reasons to choose to work with us:

Tutoring FAQs

We follow NSPCC Safer Recruitment guidelines:

All of our tutors are interviewed by experienced qualified teachers and trained recruitment specialists.

Following successful interview, we require:

Proof of Enhanced DBS

Two positive professional references

Proof of Safeguarding Level 2 training

Your interview will be held by at least two of our recruitment team. As part of the interview process, we ask all of our tutors to plan and deliver an online tutoring session. You will be sent details of this prior to interview.

As part of our recruitment package, all tutors are required to undertake compulsory training. This includes:

Minimum Level 2 safeguarding (if not already completed)

Tutoring Induction training

We also offer a range of additional free training opportunities which you will be able to access once you are confirmed as a tutor.

This depends on the needs of the school. You may be tutoring individual pupils or pupils in small groups.

If you are tutoring as part of the National Tutoring Programme, the guidelines state that pupils can access tuition in groups of 1:3, 1:2 or in some cases 1:1.

In all cases, we will advise you of your group sizes when the booking is confirmed.

This is dependent on the needs of the school.

If you are tutoring as part of the National Tutoring Programme, each block provides 15 hours of tuition, organised to meet the needs of the school.

If you are tutoring an intervention group, the length and frequency of the tutoring block will be agreed with the school.

Once you have been assigned to a placement, Equal Education Partners will liaise with you and the school to organise an initial meeting between you and the class teacher/subject teacher.  Where possible, we will arrange an additional session so that you can begin to build a relationship with your students.

Before tuition can begin, schools will need to share the following information with their tutor:

  • Baseline attainment data

  • Contextual information about the pupils (gender, Pupil Premium/SEN/ FSM/LAC/EAL status, attendance)

  • Primary – KS1 attainment, mock SATs score, a core aim of tuition (e.g. achieve Greater Depth or achieve ARE in maths).

  • Secondary – KS2 attainment, target grade, most recent mock GCSE grade

Tutors will then be asked to plan a series of sessions based on pupil need. If schools prefer, you may be asked to to deliver pre-prepared materials in your sessions.

Tutors will be asked to complete a written record of progress for each session which will be shared with schools. This will include a register of attendance.


We offer both face-to-face and online tuition.

Our online tuition is delivered using our bespoke secure learning platform. As a tutor, once booked, you will have access to the platform in order to prepare your resources.

All of these sessions are recorded, offering the opportunity to playback and review if needed.

We provide access to full training on our platform.

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