The Education Secretary, Nadhim Zahawi has recently announced a major overhaul of the funding structure and management of the National Tutoring Programme (NTP), including the removal of Randstad as the deliver management provider. The aim of the overhaul is to simplify the process by providing the funding directly to schools and increase the numbers of pupils benefitting from this tuition. 


What are the changes?  

Currently, schools can access NTP support through three different routes; through working with an approved Tuition Partner, through utilising the ring-fenced School Led Tutoring Grant or being connected to an Academic Mentor. 

From September 2022, £349 will be allocated directly to schools to administer their own catch-up support. This means that School Led Tutoring route will become the default means of schools accessing NTP funding to provide tuition support for their pupils. Schools will be free to select their own tutors in several ways; they can use specialist tutors, supply teachers or their own (existing or former) staff. Schools will be able to engage the services of approved Tuition Partners without the need to go through a central supplier.


How will funding be allocated to schools? 

Full details of the funding structure for 2022-2023 are yet to be confirmed by the DFE. However, the current arrangements can be used as a guide as to what to expect. 

During the 2021/22 school year, all eligible schools have automatically been awarded the funding to cover 75% of their NTP tutoring costs; mainstream schools will receive funding of £203.00 for 60% of their pupils eligible under the pupil premium fund in Years 1- 11. This has been paid in three instalments over the course of the academic year. Schools have been required to fund the remaining 25% through alternative budgets such as catch-up funding or Pupil Premium. 

With a separate subsidy also available through the NTP’s Tuition Partner route, schools have two sources of funding available for them to use on catch up tuition before the end of August. However, any funding that goes unused will be recouped by the DfE. This use-it-or-lose-it arrangement is likely to be repeated for the 2022/23 academic year.

Equal Education Partners will keep you updated with further information regarding funding for schools for next academic year as and when it is announced. 


How these changes will benefit your school

Equal Education Partners welcomes these changes to the NTP funding structure, which will enable schools greater flexibility to support the pupils who need it most. We know that the School Led Tutoring Grant route has been the most popular route for schools during this academic year and we hope that this increased flexibility will encourage more schools to utilise this funding to provide high quality targeted tuition for their students. 


How Equal Education Partners can support you and your school

Equal Education Partners will ensure that we work flexibly with you, to provide highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic tutoring staff who meet the needs of your school. Get in touch to find out how we can support your school.