Neil Thomas, our Managing Director for Teaching and Learning, has not only completed his Masters’ degree in Business Administration but has also been the recipient of a prestigious academic award.

The team at Equal Education Partners was thrilled to hear that Neil had received his Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) and was also the recipient of the Wiley Education Services prize for best performance by an online MBA student.

Neil’s dissertation was on the impact of professional coaching on senior leaders in schools, a subject that embodied Equal’s belief in the importance of lifelong professional learning and development opportunities for educators throughout their careers.

The term professional development refers to opportunities that professionals engage with to improve their skills and knowledge and further their abilities in their area of expertise or field of work. Professional development is vital for education professionals to stay up to date with developments within their field and allow them the chance to learn new skills and techniques and expand their expertise.

When asked about his experience when completing his master’s degree, Neil acknowledged that it was an immensely valuable experience and emphasised the importance of investing this time into himself and his own professional development. 

‘At Equal Education Partners, we are passionate about providing all our staff with the best possible professional development opportunities. We feel it is imperative to embody this, and taking on the MBA was something I wanted to do to grow as a person and a professional. It was hard work, but I enjoyed every moment of the course, and to win the Wiley Education Award was the icing on the cake.’ 

Neil Thomas is Managing Director for Teaching and Learning at Equal Education Partners. His role involves working closely with various institutions, including the Welsh Government, the Departments for Education (DfE), colleges, schools and universities.

Neil has 17 years of experience working with schools and was previously a Nice Principal for Teaching and Learning at a leading 3-18 British International school and an educational consultant. Neil has a vast array of leadership experience within the education sector and is determined to help Equal address the education sector’s challenges.

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Professional Development Opportunities at Equal 

At Equal Education Partners we are passionate about lifelong education and learning opportunities. We offer in-person and online live training sessions, mentoring and coaching support, and on-demand content from our online academy.

Our online Equal Academy offers a range of free on-demand courses that cover a range of subjects for all types of educators from Newly Qualified Teachers to Tutors and full-time teaching professionals.

For more information about our professional development opportunities please contact our team.