Learners in Cardiff will now benefit from over 10,000 hours of tutoring support as a result of a partnership between Cardiff and Vale College and Equal Education Partners 

Through this partnership, Cardiff and Vale College is taking a proactive approach to increase the support offered to their learners through bespoke tutoring programmes. An estimated 350 students are set to benefit from the tutoring provided by Equal. 


As schools and colleges continue to feel the impact of Covid-19 and multiple lockdowns, Cardiff and Vale College (CAVC) have taken the initiative to proactively support their learners through this tutoring partnership with Equal Education Partners. Equal will support the needs of Cardiff and Vale College learners through different tutoring packages designed to support the development of subject knowledge and examination skills.

Yusuf Ibrahim, Head Teacher at Cardiff and Vale College, said “Meeting learner needs is of paramount importance here at CAVC. The impact of the pandemic has led to us thinking critically about how to support learners in covering the knowledge and skills required to progress further. We are delighted to be working with Equal Education Partners who have a long-standing reputation for providing high-class enrichment events, such as the Global Teacher Labs programme as well as supporting learners through additional tuition. Providing learners with this additional support will no doubt enhance their prospects for the future. This support will build upon the great teaching learners receive day-to-day, giving them further confidence in being prepared for assessments.”

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, the Welsh Government has renewed its commitment to supporting disadvantaged learners, raising standards, and developing learners’ motivation, independent study skills and wellbeing.

Through forming a collaborative partnership, Equal’s tutoring approach will contribute significantly to Cardiff and Vale College’s progress in these three key areas.

Each learner will be at different stages of their education journey and will have different needs as well as require varying levels of support. Therefore Equals tutoring programme will be delivered to Cardiff and Vale College learners through three tiers of tutoring support, each tailored to each individual learner and their needs.

 The three packages include:

  1. Upgraded tutoring – 5 hours of tutoring for learners who require fine-tuning to maximise their potential 
  2. Enhanced tutoring – 10 hours of tutoring for learners requiring significant examination skills support
  3. Intervention tutoring – 20 hours of tutoring for learners requiring substantive knowledge and examination skills support 


The Tutoring team at Equal will adapt to the developing needs of learners, with the scope and capacity to offer flexibility where the needs of the learners fall outside of the packages, and scaling to increase the delivery is requested.

The majority of Equal’s tutors are qualified teachers and the experienced recruitment managers at Equal ensure that the highest quality educators are successful in working with Equal, working in line with safer recruitment practices and our accredited Recruitment, Selection and Vetting process.

Equal is on track to triple the amount of tutoring being delivered to disadvantaged learners in 2022/2023 compared with the previous academic year.

Neil Thomas, Managing Director for Teaching and Learning, said, “At Equal, we believe that tutoring is a supportive tool that schools and colleges can use to help their students close learning gaps, catch up and recover following a difficult two and a half years during and following the pandemic. However, we also believe that tutoring supports teachers in challenging students who are performing well, allowing them to fine-tune subject knowledge and examination skills. We are delighted to support Cardiff and Vale College in this unique and proactive approach to supporting their students.

For more information, or to enquire about a bespoke tutoring package for your school or college, please contact Neil.thomas@equaleducationpartners.com