The details:

As one of the leading education and training providers recommended to all schools and teaching professionals in Wales by the Welsh Government, we are currently recruiting for experienced Additional Learning Needs Teaching Assistants to work 1 :1 with children within a Primary School setting in the Carmarthen area. We are only seeking applications from candidates who have experience of helping children within an additional learning needs setting. If you are passionate, nurturing and empathetic and have experience of working with children with additional learning needs then we’d love to hear from you!

Job description

As an ALN Teaching Assistant, you will be required to:

  • Offer support to the main class teacher providing the learning support required for individual needs either in groups or in a 1 : 1 setting
  • Safeguarding the children in your care
  • Set up equipment and help prepare the classroom for lessons
  • Inspire and encourage pupils within the classroom through individual and group tasks to achieve their learning outcomes

We are very keen to hear from individuals who are interested in this role and other roles we have available. We are here to support you throughout your career progression.

General information:

Salary: £13920 - £17240
Location: Carmarthen
Hours: Full Time
Contract: Long Term
Role Type: Learning Support
Division: Learning Support


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